December 28, 2013

Travels through Space and Time

Adulthood is hard. 

It isn't like we can do what we want, when we want.  I, for one, feel like I've been duped into this whole thing.

Working?  Pff.  Who has the time?  Well, I do since it's do or die.  However... there is always still time for fun, magic, and wonder. 

This photo was taken at Deception Pass when hubby and I ventured out for an impromptou camping trip with our two wiener dogs (from here on referred to simply as "wieners").  

First, we were planning to strike out for California.  We live in Washington State, so that would have been a stretch.  Then, it was happily discovered that the car (a friendly but flighty Jetta) was leaking oil.  So, a more modest trip was had.

We brought along our trusty yellow tent from the 1970's and settled in for a fun night of whiskey and a campfire.  

Then the rains set in... but it was ok.  Sure, everything we brought was soaked through and through.  Sure, we had to sleep in the car while dreaming of the gigantic mess we would have to contend with at daybreak. 

And an ugly sight it was.  The brand new cooler we had been so fortunate to find out by the curb a few weeks ago had been splattered with mud by what we imagined must have been basketball sized raindrops.  Our beautiful tent was more mud than canvas.

But, despite all of that, we look back on the trip as being one of our most fun.  We had one amazing night of sitting by the campfire and talking - something that we don't do enough of.  No electronic distractions - just us and the stars.  And then, after we packed everything up, we spent some time on the beach just soaking up the dense, moist, green life that is the outdoors in our neck of the woods.  And what could be better?

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