February 28, 2014

Laugh a Little

A dear friend recently introduced me to a fun (free!) activity that I'm excited to pass along.  

Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood is a fantastic place to spend a Friday night, and one of my absolute favorite places to go in Capitol Hill is a little vegan/vegetarian restaurant called Jai Thai.  I'm sure the food is great, though I have never tried it.  No, what draws me in each weekend is the free comedy show.  Fabulously talented comics + a happy hour that starts at 10PM - what else could I ask for?

While you do have to pay for your drinks - obviously - the whole experience is extremely affordable and outrageously fun.  The whole cherry on top is that I get to support local artists and businesses.  True, I do not spend a ton of money here - usually less than $10 for the entire night's drinks.  However, there is another valuable currency in circulation at this particular venue: laughter.  And I have plenty of that!

A quick Google search is sure to direct you to a similar institution in your own town - try your luck!

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