February 18, 2014

Side Gigs in the Sky

I sit on my butt a lot. Sure - I work my full time job, and I work it well. But most nights, after the dinner festivities have finished, I spend my free time mindlessly internetting.  

What do I do while on the internet? Let's see... I shop, stress about needing a new car, obsess about looking up cars on Craigslist, freak out when we can't afford one we like, etc. So, I decided to get a side gig. The best part of this particular side gig is that I can do it from my trusty butt indention on the couch during the evenings and weekends.  

After some pretty extensive research, I applied to be a freelancer with Leapforce. This company provides search engine quality for the big guys like Google. Basically, I will be rating search results to help ensure the good stuff is getting pushed to the top of the list and the not-so-good stuff isn't. 

The application and interview process are entirely automated. I generally prefer to interact with as few human beings as possible, so this was great. After the usual application process, I took a (rather lengthy) three-part test. And that's it! Now I can make decent $$$ in my spare time and save up for that sweet new ride we need/want.

Do you also hate debt?  Then this sort of thing might be for you too! Whether the object of your heart's desire is a car, a house, or an organic vegetable - don't give up on saving first and buying second.  It's frustrating, but I believe in you! Look at it this way: if you are not crushed by the weight of debt, you are free to be an advocate for others and a participant in bigger issues than paying your bills. There is no better way to damn the man than to be free!

“When you trap people in a system of debt, they can’t afford the time to think.” - Noam Chomsky

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